How the Different Types of Computer Networking in Plainfield IN Communicate

In the world of technology, perhaps one of the greatest advancements in today’s time is computer networking in Plainfield IN. Computer networking is the process in which various computers or devices, communicate to study and analyze one another for the purposes of sharing resources. The most common resource shared in this day and age is the connection to the internet.

Types of Networks

There are numerous types of networks that are used for sharing and communication. Here is a list of the more commonly known types and what they are specifically used for.

* Local Area Networks (LAN). The most frequently discussed network, as well as the simplest type. LANS join a group of computers and devices across short distances for purposes of sharing information and resources.

* Personal Area Networks (PAN). This is the smallest and most basic of all the networks. They are found in small offices or residences and are managed by a person or business from a single device. These devices may include computers, cell phones, and tablets.

* Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). WLAN’s function similar to LAN’s and make up what is known as Wireless Network Technology (WiFi). WLAN’s are found in the same areas as LAN’s but don’t require devices to use a physical cable to connect to the internet.

* Wide Area Network (WAN). A WAN joins computers together across longer distances than those connected by LAN’s. The internet is the most common example of a WAN, due to connecting computers all across the earth. WAN’s are owned and ran by multiple administrators or the general public.

* Enterprise Private Network (EPN). An EPN joins businesses together from various locations that want to share computer resources.

* Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN allows users to send and receive data in the same fashion as they would if the devices were connected to a private network. This allows users to access a private network remotely.

Computer networking in Plainfield IN is an important factor in the economy today. Many businesses rely on a computer networking system to keep their computer systems secure but, also to keep functioning for their business to thrive. Contact us for more information about which type of network is best for your business needs.

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