Improve Computing Performance With a System Board Upgrade in Ontario

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Telecommunication

Choosing the right system board for the distribution of value-added software, including but not limited to, wireless routers, access points and load balancers, can make a big difference in computing power and capacity. Those who are looking to upgrade their system board may want to learn more about the PC engines Apu system board.

A Stellar Upgrade Option

The PC engines Apu system board is a modern platform, which is cooled passively by heat conduction to the enclosure. The device features a dual core CPU and 2GB of RAM. For the device to work most efficiently, the heat spreader must be installed correctly. The small form factor system board is optimized for wireless routing and network security applications. In addition, the metal chassis comes in red, blue or black. However, for the best heat dissipation, you may want to consider the black enclosure.

Applicable to Many Industries

The systems board has many different applications. The technology has been successfully deployed in several industries, including but not limited to, firewall, automotive, aviation, VoIP and special purpose network plumbing.

Simple Cooling Assembly Instructions

Another reason to opt for this device is that its cooling assembly instructions are easy to follow. It is necessary to install the device correctly for optimal performance and to maintain the device’s warranty. Because the instructions are simple, you should be able to install the system board quickly and with ease.

Overall, the system board may be a prime upgrade option for your needs due to its ability to provide efficient and cost-effective distribution of various software. Further, the system board’s applicability and ease of assembly are other added benefits of the technology. To learn more about the PC engines Apu system board and how it can help you improve computing performance and capacity, contact CorpShadow Inc. today.

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