Improve Your Business and Peak-time Problems with the Best San Diego Call Centers

by | Jun 18, 2013 | Call Center Services

How well is your team meeting the expectations of your clients and prospects? Are client complaints higher as a result of low peak-time performance? The truth of the matter is simple; a successful business must not only maintain its current clients, but it also must secure news one. However, if peak-time calling has your staff moving too fast to pick up the next call, you have a major problem. In fact, expect losses in both new and established clients as a result. No one wants to call a business only to get rushed off the phone or be forced to wait for someone to pick up the phone. Further, time limits will result in your staff missing opportunities to engage in up-selling. Avoid this problem by using San Diego Call Centers.

How many products were you able to move out the door last month? Compare that number with the number of calls that were cut short without engaging the prospect in up-selling. Next, take a look at the callers who hung up because they were being rushed off the phone when they had a customer service issue. Chances are they called your competition and you lost a long-time client. Follow that up with the number of people who simply hung up thanks to your long wait time. As you read over the reports, you will be alarmed at how much revenue has been tossed out of the window.

If you are thinking that you do not have the additional space to house employees, equipment and maintaining the training, then you need to hear this. You will not have to. The San Diego Call Centers will help any business. They have highly-trained employees to take on these tasks. You will provide the operators with the information they needs. When the call comes in, a screen will open with your business’ dialog. Highly experienced and skilled operators will greet the prospects or clients. Next, they will place the orders for them. Further, if you want the operator to use up-selling, they will do it. For example, the caller orders a dress, and the operator suggests matching shoes. Further, if there is a complaint, it will be logged for your team’s review. However, if you would like the operators to handle complaints and resolve them, this will be done.


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