Mobile Services – Difference between CDMA and GSM

by | Apr 3, 2012 | Multimedia terminal mobile

The world has been brought closer thanks to the different communication services that have been developed. It seems like the world has become smaller.

Mobile Services are of two standards – GSM and CDMA.

Countries like the United States of America, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia use the GSM standard for mobile service communication. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communication. This is the most popular standard in mobile communication.

In this standard, there are bands of frequencies ranging from 800Mhz, 900Mhz and 1800 MHZ. The networks lease these bands and then proceeds to divide it between the subscribers. To make room for the increasing number of mobile service subscribers, each carrier frequency is then divided in eight different time slots. The GSM standard mobile handsets that are manufactured may be locked or unlocked GSM phones. There are many electronic companies that specialise in the manufacture of GSM standard phones and there are some others that manufacture cheap phones making mobile communication affordable for all. Some of the major companies that manufacture GSM handsets are Sony Ericsson, Samsung Mobile, Nokia and Apple. These companies manufacture both locked and unlocked GSM phones.

On the other hand, CDMA or Code Division Multiple Access standard uses channels as a method of access. This standard employs a system known as the spread spectrum technology. It also has a special coding scheme which requires decryption of the digital message that it contains. There are countries like Japan and Korea that use the CDMA standard in their communications technology. An advantage that a CDMA has over the GSM standard is that the frequencies of the GSM standard are much more expensive compared to code creation of the CDMA standard. The CDMA phones that are issued by the company have a unique code.

Mobile services have hence gained an immense amount of popularity and importance today due to the advancement of technology.


mobile service

mobile service

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