The Advantages of Business VoIP Phone Systems in Honolulu

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Call Center Services

Business telephone systems have come a long way from individual land lines on every desk. Technology now makes systems easy to operate, versatile, and configured to meet any business needs. The advantages of Business VoIP Phone Systems in Honolulu allow businesses to be more productive and efficient while catering to the needs of clients and customers.


Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems can handle communication via email, social media pages, videos, and phones all one the same equipment. Head sets, monitors, and appropriate software means a customer can call a toll-free telephone number to place an order while another can send in an order via email. The systems also make chatting with customers over the internet possible. Questions can be answered quickly, which improves customer service.

Business employees can access files and data remotely with a laptop, a smart phone, or a tablet when Business VoIP Phone Systems in Honolulu are installed. That is perfect for a mobile workforce, consulting with partners while at a job site, and working from home. Video meetings can be conducted from any location to problem solve, work collaboratively with colleagues, and show the home office the progress made on a project.

Automated Features

Systems used in large office buildings, hospitals, social service agencies, and corporate headquarters can include automated features to expedite calls and reduce the personnel required to answer calls. A business directory, for example, can route callers to a specific office, department, or division.

When people call a hospital, they can be searching for the emergency department, laboratory services, human resources, or specialty clinics, as well as the room of a patient. Instead of being placed on hold and wait to be transferred, the caller can press a number and reach the desired department.


Voice mail, remote access to messages, and email to voice conversions are also optional features. Call centers are an example of how much time and money the right features can save a business. Customers are given a number to call or an email address to order a specific product.

The call center handles incoming calls for many E-commerce stores. Having callers push a button to be directed to the exact product desired saves them time and is convenient. Shorter wait times decrease hang-ups and improve revenues. Business owners can visit for free consultations regarding which system will suit the unique needs of both customers and employees.

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