Cyber Security in the Bronx

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Calling Card

Cyber security systems are designed and are implemented to protect web applications, including websites, from attackers who are determined to disrupt or alter the flow of data. These attackers vary in motive, organization, and technical prowess. Regardless of the skill or intention of an attacker, cyber security in the Bronx is a must. Cyber security tools and methodology allows businesses the opportunity to identify and thwart cyber attacks. Cyber security is used to protect online data, prevent the loss of revenues, and prevent harm to the reputation of a brand.

Businesses today collect, process, and store vast amounts of data. A considerable amount of this data contains sensitive information. Unauthorized access to intellectual property, financial data, and personal information can have serious negative consequences. All-day, every day, companies, and organizations transmit data across networks. The Intrinsic Technology Group is focused on protecting that information and the systems used to process, store, and transmit it. The volume of data can only increase, and as it does, so does the threat of cyber attacks. Companies and organizations given the task of safeguarding sensitive data must take effective steps to protect this information, as well as their business.

Managed IT services include the outsourcing of certain corporate functions in to improve operations. It is a challenge. Security risks are ever-evolving, as is the nature of the risks themselves. Traditionally, business has focused their cyber security resources on the protection of just the most crucial system components. This approach is outdated and insufficient. Threats are advancing and changing far quicker than the majority of organizations can deal with. Because of this, the importance of cyber security and managed IT services cannot be overemphasized. Today, companies must be fully prepared to defend themselves against such intrusions. They must be able to respond to a threat, restore operations, and ensure critical data is protected.

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