The Importance Of Using The Best Hotel Phone System

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Calling Card

Hotel phones do more than just allow customers to request turn down service, they are an extension of the hotels network and the quality of the system can be the difference between return visits and poor reviews. This is why it’s important for hotels to use the Best Hotel Phone System.

Enhance Guest Experience

In today’s technological drenched society, guests expect a particular level of advancement where ever they go, including their hotels. One way to ensure their expectations are met is through up to date phone systems. These will allow the guest to program their own wake up call, request services from the front desk at the touch of a button, and check on the status of their balance due. By providing these services through the phone system, guest satisfaction and expectations are more easily met.

Operational Ease

Not only can hotel phone systems enhance the overall guest experience leading to higher rates of repeat customers, but they can also help coordinate the operation of the hotel itself. The phone systems allow the different departments within the hotel to communicate more efficiently. This can reduce the amount of time it takes between a guest request and that request becoming fulfilled. Also, many systems also allow the hotel to program automatic services, such as wake up calls, so the front desk staff does not have to make these calls by hand. Some can also keep track of room status, allowing for quicker turnaround times.

Phone System Supplier

Another reason it’s important to find the best system is the level of customer service the supplier offers their clients. When looking for a supplier for your hotel’s phone system, make sure they have technical support available 24/7 because issues rarely happen during normal business hours. Also inquire about the additional services they provide, such as WiFi, conference calling, and more. The more they offer, the better you can serve your customers. Because the system supplier’s customer service can drastically affect your customer service, it’s important to make sure their procedures ensure prompt issue resolution and they have friendly, knowledgeable staff, otherwise their poor service will reflect poorly on you.

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