Economical Way of communication – Video Conferencing

Integrating voice and video so that users can talk to each other as though they are in the same room is what video conferencing is all about. Users only need to have a computer, a webcam, microphone and a broadband internet connection. Video conferencing enables them to see and talk to each other in real time. Many companies today are using such methods for their meeting purposes.

You need a good bandwidth for a good quality conferencing. Apart from companies, business and education sectors are also using this option. It saves a lot of time, money and energy. Many colleges and universities opt for video conferencing for guest lectures. This enables the students and lecturers to interact without having to travel much. The best example is the recent guest lecture conducted by the University of Syracuse on ‘Recent advancements in Agriculture by Dr. MS Swaminathan’. He is an internationally acclaimed scientist from India who held a lecture on the said topic from Mumbai for Agriculture students in the US!

There are more video conferencing applications that are being developed everyday. It actually creates a new virtual city for people where they do not have to be present physically. Everything is conducted virtually.

Such conferencing facility holds special significance in these times of recession and economic downfall. You do not spend money travelling to your place of meet physically. This is the biggest advantage. Apart from this, meetings can be held at any time of the day or night depending on your convenience and requirement. Besides simple voice and live chat, you can also share files, screens and documents with each other. In this way, you hold demonstrations, make PowerPoint presentations and also check and correct each other’s documents.

While business meetings and guest lectures are being held via video conferences, some people also get married virtually using the video conference technology.

video conferencing

video conferencing


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