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by | Apr 3, 2012 | Calling Card

Phone calling cards help you to keep in touch with your friends and family when you are travelling internationally, staying out of your country or if you want to make a long distance call. It is a simple plastic card resembling your credit card which allows you to make calls at no extra charge. Calling cards are available everywhere from newsstands to online retailers. They are also available at convenience stores and are very easy to purchase and use. Most of the phone calling cards have a pre-paid system that enables you to purchase a time credit for making calls. You can use these cards till the time runs out. Also you can add minutes to the card if you want.

In order to choose the right calling card, you must consider the following:

  • Place you will be calling from
  • The amount of time you need for the calls- half an hour or more
  • Do you need international calling facility or you need domestic long distance calling as well
  • Recharging facility on your card as and when needed
  • Personal or business calling card

These points will help you to finalise one card that suits your need. Apart from this, you must also keep in mind the calling rate. Some calling cards have very cheap per minute rates. However, they charge call fees and there are hidden costs. Before signing the documents make sure that you understand all the terms and condition especially the ones in fine print so that you are clear about the connection, maintenance and termination fees.

While considering the fee aspect, it is important to consider the time; the amount of time you need to use the calling card is important. If you just need it for a week or two, then purchase the one that has only a maintenance fee. However, if you want to make frequent international calls, then choose a calling card that would charge no connection or maintenance fees.

calling cards

calling cards

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