Wireless Network York – How they Work

A wireless network, also called a wireless local area network or WLAN plays the same role as a wired one. That is, it links a group of computers and enables communication between the computers. Since the ‘wireless’ aspect does not require expensive wiring, you do not have to buy cables to connect your computers and this saves you from the hassle of using the cables. In addition, since no tedious work of wiring is involved, it is generally easier, cheaper and faster to set up a wireless network. If you make a comparison, setting up a wired network means that you have to pull cables throughout the walls or ceilings of your office to get access to either the computers or to the required network connection. This process is not only time consuming but also expensive. This does not mean that a wired network is not a good way to link your computers. Even if you have already wired your computers, you can use a wireless network to expand your computer network. This can enhance productivity in a business setting since workers can be moved from one location to another depending on which site is more convenient without having to disrupt their PC connections. However, before investing in a wireless network, you need to understand the following basic information.

1. Wireless networks work using RF (radio frequency) technology, one of the frequencies in the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum and which is related to the propagation of radio waves. When a radio frequency current is directed to an antenna, an EM is developed, which is able to propagate through space.

2. The core of a wireless network is a device called access point (AP). The basic role of an AP is to transmit a wireless signal that can be detected by computers and which computers can tune into. Because wireless networks are typically linked to wired ones, an AP also acts as a connection to the resources that are accessible on the wired network, for instance an Internet connection.

3. To link to an AP and connect a Wireless Network York, computer systems must be fitted gadgets with wireless network adapters. Some computers have these devices built in, but if the device is not embedded, the computer can be modified to have a wireless capability using an add-on adapter that is plugged into an existing expansion slot, a PC card slot or a USB port.

Some of the disadvantages of wireless network York include a potential reduction in computer security, unreliability of the network and slow speed when using many computers.


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