5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Mobile Telecommunications System

In today’s world, everyone is mobile. We shop, check email, and communicate through our smart phones and tablets in the blink of an eye without a second thought. However, many businesses have not adopted the same mobile technology that has revolutionized our daily interactions. It may not seem like a big deal, but not having a mobile based system in place could be hurting your business and costing you money. When your employees aren’t using mobile technology, they could be missing out on valuable interactions with customers and clients every time they step away from their desk. Mobile telecommunications can be effectively incorporated into any business to ensure your employees are always one call or click away from clients, customers, and fellow coworkers. Following is list of some of the key benefits why your company should take the leap into the mobile future.

With a struggling economy and heavy competition in the market, the more flexible your business and its employees are the better. With a mobile telecommunications system, your employees can hold meetings and answer calls from clients without having to be tied to their desk. Even if an employee is on vacation and an important meeting is scheduled, they can actively participate via a teleconference on their smart phone or tablet. When you are able to provide flexibility to potential clients, they will be much more inclined to work with your company.

Smart phones have become so technologically advanced that they can do almost everything a desk computer can these days. This means that no matter where your employees are, they have most all of the tools they need to handle time-sensitive issues. If a client calls them while they are away from their desk in need of a report or proposal, your employees will be able to handle the task no matter where they are in the world and not have to waste time getting back to their desk. This keeps clients happy and allows your employees to be productive even when they are away from their desk.

Most of your employees are probably already using their personal mobile devices for some aspects of their work, whether it be checking emails, accessing files, or making phone calls to clients. The problem is that if you do not have a secure mobile telecommunications system in place, your company’s security could be comprised. As mobile technology grows, so does the number of people looking to steal valuable information from your company. By incorporating a unified mobile system into your office, you will have much greater control over the security of your information. Secure mobile telecommunications can protect business traffic from eavesdropping and forgery, as well as provide complementary measures to protect mobile devices against network-born attack, user error, and endpoint compromise.

Save Money
One stigma against mobile technology in the workforce is that it will distract employees, keeping them away from their work. However, studies show that people who use smartphones and tablets for their job tend to work more, as they can access information any where in the world whenever the choose. This increase in productivity and operational efficiency saves money in the long run.

Improved Customer Experience
Going mobile in your office isn’t just for improving productivity and flexibility in your employees, it also allows you to interact with your consumers on their mobile phones and tablets more efficiently. Consumers today are constantly interacting with their mobile devices. By incorporating mobile telecommunications in your company, you can reach your consumers instantly with important information. This also allows customers to interact with your company via texting through a mobile device. As this is their preferred method of communication, you will be able to provide an improved customer experience. For example, many doctor’s offices have incorporated text message reminders to remind their patients of an appointment. This has lead to a decrease in missed or late appointments which in turn saves them money.

With all this new technology, some CEOs may think their office will lose organization. In reality, incorporating mobile telecommunications into your business will actually improve organization. With the latest mobile technology at their fingertips, employees, directors, and presidents are given the opportunity to organize their lives in a more efficient manner through the use of applications. These applications are designed to improve productivity, maintain workload organization, and keep coworkers in the oop with all new information being shared. A few of these applications include file sharing software that allows your team to quickly share important documents, software that lets you remotely connect to your desk computer, and programs that allow you to create and view corporate presentations.

As mobile technology continues to grow in the business world, new software is being developed to improve how a business interacts with its employees and customers. With the right telecommunications system, your employees will be more flexible, productive, and organized, and your business will see an incredible leap in overall efficiency. When a company is able to spread ideas quickly and securely to its employees, it will be better equipped to serve its clients and customers.

About the Author:
Scott Daub is president of Forma Technology, a Pompano Beach-based telecommunications company that provides business phone systems to small and midsize companies. Scott has been involved in the telecom industry since 1999.

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