Legal Video Conferencing Enables Better Evidence Gathering

Putting together a legal case can be very costly. In complicated cases, gather information from a variety of different sources and locations is often necessary. If someone from a law firm had to actually travel to physically meet with each person involved, or each person who might eventually be called to testify, the amount of time and money involved would quickly be prohibitive. Legal Video Conferencing Facilities from National Video Conferencing make it much easier to both gather information and stay in touch with clients.

One situation where National Video Conferencing’s services can be extremely valuable is in seeking testimony from expert witnesses. Attorneys generally try to talk to several experts before deciding who to hire for a particular case. The goal is not just to choose a person who knows the substance of the issue, but also someone who is likely to explain things in a way that fits well with the case. Lawyers also have to consider how a particular expert is likely to be perceived by the jury, meaning there is a real and understandable need to preview the expert’s demeanor.

Lawyers also have a need for Legal Video Conferencing to maintain contact with their clients over the course of litigation proceedings. Whether the client or lawyer is traveling or they simply haven’t gotten together for an in-person meeting, video conferencing is an easy way to speak in a manner that feels personal. Meeting face-to-face via videoconferencing can be invaluable for clients who are unable to leave their homes easily, such as the elderly or those on house arrest. Via videoconference, these clients can receive updates without having to wait for their attorney visit them at home or in the hospital.

National Video Conferencing of Minneapolis, Minnesota and Las Vegas offers services that are designed to make holding meetings and interviews extremely simple, without the need to actually be in the same room. The law firms who use these Legal Video Conferencing services can easily save more money than they are spending on the service, simply by reducing the amount of travel involved in maintaining contact with clients and assessing expert witnesses for trial. To learn more about National Video Conferencing’s services and how you can save money, visit us.

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